Hero’s business areas are naturally characterized by unpredictability and constant changes. This requires a high level of adaptability and innovation. As an illustration of the dynamics of our professional fields, Hero’s logo is constantly changing. It reflects the refugee situation in several European countries from month to month and some of our integration work.

Working with refugees and immigrants is about making a new future possible. It applies both to the refugees and for the society they settle down in. The welfare system in Scandinavian countries presupposes a high participation rate. This means that it is essential that we facilitate and work towards making immigrants and refugees understood by others, as well as helping them use their resources and become contributors as quickly as possible. This way, we make a new future possible.

Since the development in arrivals of asylum seekers to European countries is a very current topic, the logo reflects the arrival situation in eight European countries. Keep an eye out for changes in the regularly updated logo.

Statistic showing number of asylum seekers and percentage of top month in 2016

Country Top month 2016 August 2017
1. Finland 1010 490 (49%)
2. Norway 420 240 (57%)
3. Sweden 4155 2830 (68%)
4. Netherlands 2680 1610 (60%)
5. Italy 13495 12000 (89%)
6. Belgium 2840 1595 (56%)
7. Germany 94350 18635 (20%)
8. Denmark 1650 305 (18%)


For further statistics visit Eurostat