Ethics and values

Hero is a service company that mainly offers services for asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants. Our services protect different rights and needs from the time of arrival until establishment and participation in the society. We have responsibility for many people through the various operations of Hero Accommodation Services, Hero Language Services and Hero Education Services. Many are in a vulnerable situation. This places great demands on our skills, our attitudes and our professionalism.

Enabling a new future

Our vision is to enable a new future. Through our work and our services, our aim is to contribute to enabling a new future for those we work with. We want to be a leader in diversity. Our services are about getting people from different nations to live together confidently and use their resources in a new country. It requires competence to use diversity constructively and to prevent the conflicts that may arise. In Hero, we commit ourselves to maintain diversity also among our own employees, so that the different social groups and minorities are well represented in our own organization. We have employees from many different countries who speak many different languages. We want to be an inclusive company, capable of having a multicultural and diverse work environment perform well.

Core values and Ethical guidelines

The core values of Hero are Openness, Equality and Professionalism. This represents the most important values that all staff can identify with. The core values describe the company’s character and are visible in our daily work. They give direction when we face difficult challenges.

The ethical guidelines expand on the core values and describe how the values should
characterize our daily work and be visible in the workplace. Ethical guidelines are kept alive through dialogue in the various workplaces and serve as a guide when we experience ethical dilemmas. Each manager is responsible for creating a working environment where employees can take up such dilemmas and ask for guidance.


We welcome and are interested in the people we meet and socialize with in our work. We try to understand and accentuate each other’s background, resources, needs and wishes. We learn from the knowledge new people bring with them and incorporate it in our organization.

At our reception centers, the residents have influence and a say in how things are run. In education, each student is seen. Recipients of our interpretation services experience commitment, accessibility and good communication from order to delivery.

We are welcoming and friendly, open to cooperation and tolerant in regards to all people regardless of ethnic background, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age or religion.


We are all different and have the right to be different. Our work is characterized by respect for each individual’s basic intrinsic value. We recruit employees with different backgrounds, and want the staff to complement each other in a good way. Both managers and employees see diversity as a strength for the organization. We work for that both staff and the recipients of our services experience confidence, empathy, respect, and equal opportunity.

Being treated equally and fairness is important in our work, but we do differentiate in order to ensure the individual’s rights when needs are different.


We are professional service providers. Our work is based on established knowledge that we share and develop further. We are committed to quality in all our operations, working according to common standards as we develop a common understanding of what a good solution is. Ethical dilemmas are discussed with managers or colleagues in the workplace.

We show consideration and establish a good bond with the recipients of our services. We don’t privatize any relationship with our residents or course participants. This means that recipients of our services are not exposed to an employee’s sexual desires or not used for the employee’s own gain.

Employees avoid establishing relationships with residents in their time off that is not work related. Employees, as usual, are reluctant and cautious to mark their own religious and political standpoint. To maintain our integrity, we accept no gifts or services from the users that go beyond purely symbolic value. These partners we work with will be able to trust us and know us as positive, knowledgeable and solution-oriented.