Der Spiegel writes about our course

«Der Spiegel», one of the biggest European newsmagazines, is writing about our course “Together for respect and security”.

We have held the course in Norway several years, and it has attracted interest from international media such as BBC. Since 2018 are we running the course also in Germany, which is meant to help preventing sexual assault and rape.

Laura Backes, the author of the article, did interviews with participants and participated in a men’s course in February. Furthermore, she talked to a sexologist who confirmed that such dialogical training are necessary and meaningful to inform  refugees about the current interpretation of behaviour and the consequences of abuse.

We have got funding from Marzahn-Hellersdorf in Berlin for the next six months to run the courses in all of the refugee accommodation centres in the district.

The main idea behind the concept is to engage participants in an effort for safety. Participants are involved in discussions as potential witnesses to situations where there is a risk of violent behavior, and not as potential abusers or victims.

The course covers topics such as boundaries, norms, cultural codes, communications, and various forms of sexual violence, domestic violence, sanctions and consequences for victim and abuser.

Contact us if you are interested in the course.