July 1st of this year, UDI published two tenders for the acquisition of asylum reception centres operations – one in the central Norwegian region (Trøndelag/Møre og Romsdal) and one in the inner east region (Viken/Innlandet). UDI was to procure a reception centre in each region with a capacity of 150 ordinary places and 20 places in the specially adapted unit. The acquisitions took place as a result of the current operating agreements expiring contracts at the end of the year. The tender deadline was set for August 24th and only tenderers who currently have framework agreements with UDI could participate in the competition. Price and quality were among several criteria that were to be considered.

On Friday September 25th, we first received notice from the UDI’s regional office in Trondheim, then from the regional office in Gjøvik, that Hero had been awarded operating agreements in both regions, in Trondheim and Ringsaker municipality, respectively. In the mentioned framework agreements, Hero provided the best offer on the quality criterion for the operation of ordinary reception centres. It is very gratifying that our quality description for the operation of specially adapted units also received the highest score with 10 point.

Our quality system will contribute to help Hero deliver good services to our clients in the years to come. We look forward to recruiting new colleagues and getting started with operations!