Hero’s parent company NHC Group and Charge offer a flexible 10-month accelerator program, called Welfare 2.o, for entrepreneurs who wish to grow their health- and welfare-related ideas into successful businesses. 

In the startup world the problem seems not to be a lack of incubator programs, but reaching the market in time with a product or service that suits customer needs. Startups in the health- and welfare industries face challenges through slow public procurement processes, with a substantial risk of promising ideas not reaching the market in time before the cash runs out.
Welfare 2.0 seeks to solve this problem.

Welfare 2.0 is a customized 10-month flexible accelerator program, that provides health- and welfare startups with the tools needed to build a successful business. We offer:

Access to health- and welfare markets in the Nordics and Europe through NHC

  • Reach 22.000 potential customers

  • Test and develop together with up to 10.000 employees

  • Test in different geographies with 415 businesses across 6 countries

Resources and financial support

  • 200.000 NOK in initial funding

  • Possibility for more funding later into the program

  • Access to a network of investors

  • Free office space for 1-2 members

Hands-on support and development

  • Access to network of business developers

  • Flexible and individual workshops to solve concrete challenges

  • Resources in PR, communication and marketing


Read more and apply here.
Deadline for applications is 15.11.2019.