Services aimed at refugees and immigrants

We live in an increasingly global world and people travel to new countries to study, explore work opportunities and to escape from war, persecution and poverty. In our highly developed Scandinavian countries, immigration has been necessary to supply the labor markets with the required expertise and human resource for many years. We also have strong humanitarian traditions and receive relatively high numbers of refugees and asylum seekers per capita.

There is a need for continuous innovation and social entrepreneurship in order to facilitate integration of new citizens effectively. With highly developed welfare systems based on high employment rates for both men and women, the Scandinavian countries need newcomers to quickly become contributors.

Hero specializes in services aimed at refugees and immigrants in the Nordic Countries.

  • Reception centers
  • Interpretation services
  • Kindergartens
  • Training and Education

Our largest customer is the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. We also provide services to a large number of municipalities and private companies. The majority of our contracts are won through public tenders.